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Reception of foreign visitors

You are welcome to our website and we always glad to help you!

Our hospital: Budgetary Healthcare institution of Omsk region "Clinical Medical health unit No 9" (further as BUZOO "KMSCH No 9") was founded in 1977 year.

In nowadays provides ambulatory clinic healthcare to the population and specializes health care service, including high-tech medical care, in the following 7 areas of expertise:surgery, therapy, gynecology, cardiac surgery, traumatology and orthopedics (spine), criticalischemia of the lower extremities and diabetic foot, oral and maxillofacial surgery. Medical care is providing in accordance with the medical practice License No. LO-55-01-002721 dated Dec 10, 2021 for medical activities issued by the Ministry of health care of the Omsk region. The hospital includes: a polyclinic for 500 visits per shift with a day patient treatment for 10 beds, round-the-clockhospital with 320 specialized beds, 2 Regional vascular center for patients with acute coronarysyndrome (ACS team) and acute cerebrovascular accident, 6 diagnostic and paraclinic units,emergency care department, life support engineering services.

Outpatient departments providing care to about 140 000 patients annually. More than 12 thousand patients receive inpatient specialized care in 2019 year. A wide range of diagnostic studies and medical treatments and procedures are carried out at the hospital. There is a possibility to receive treatment in a single or a two-bedroom (superior rooms) with additional medical supervision.

The staff of our hospital is certified and 58% of the medical staff have the highest qualificationcategory. The hospital has 5 candidates of science: Denisova Tatiana., Rogdestvensky A. S.,Vasilenko L. V., Voynov A. U., Novikova E. I..

During 2019, our hospital provided emergency medical care for 78 foreign citizens from such countries as: Kazakhstan, Armenia, China,Poland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Vietnam.

Head Physician,

Denisova Tatiana Victorovna

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